Farming on the vast plains of the Volga.

A small home, typical of those in the Volga region.

Schilling, Russia, the mother colony, was a village founded on August 14, 1764. The village was eventually settled by 429 Lutherans from various areas in present day Germany and other European nations. Sixty carpenters from the Russian village of Novye Burasy were hired to construct homes in the colony of Schilling in 1764, and complete settlement of Schilling probably did not occur until 1767, or later.  

Schilling is located on the 'Bergseite" (hilly side) or west bank of the Volga River, about 56 kilometers (35 miles) south-southwest of Saratov. Maps in the Info/Resources section will show you where this region is located.

The original village later became known as Alt-Schilling or Old-Schilling. Over the period of the next 100 years, six daughter villages or colonies were formed, when land was no longer available for the increasing number of families in Schilling.

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